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Other Significant Jockeys, Trainers and Owners

Dudley Allen (trainer, owner), Charles Anderson (trainer), Tommy Britton (jockey), Clem Brooks (trainer), Burbridge’s Harry (trainer), Luther Carr (jockey), Joe Colston (jockey), Raleigh Colston (jockey, trainer), Thomas Colston, (trainer), Oscar Dishman (trainer), Lew (jockey), Garret Davis Lewis (jockey), Isaac Lewis (jockey), Oliver Lewis (jockey, trainer), Bud Haggins (jockey, trainer), Tom Harbut (trainer), Will Harbut (trainer), Erkshine Henderson (jockey), Theopholius Irvine, Sr. (trainer), Theopholius Irvine, Jr. (trainer), Albert Ison (jockey), Robert Isom (jockey), John H. Jackson, (jockey), Isaac Johnston (jockey, trainer), Eli Jordan (trainer), Tommy Knight (jockey), Marshall Lilly (trainer), Courtney Matthews (trainer), Frank Perkins (trainer), James “Soup” Perkins (jockey), William Perkins (trainer), Arthur Perossier (trainer), Abraham Perry (trainer), William Porter (jockey), Carl Sitgraves (trainer), John Stovall (jockey), William “Billy” Walker, (jockey).

More than 80 African American horsemen and Isaac Murphy’s wife, Lucy, are buried in the restored African Cemetery No. 2 in Lexington. The cemetery is open to the public, and is located at 419 East Seventh Street.

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